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COVID-19 - our response

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County Wicklow Volunteer Centre , the network of volunteer centres and Volunteer Ireland want you to know that we are working collectively with all relevant government Departments, national organisations and local community groups to support the response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are delighted to see and value the community based volunteer response that is mobilising and want to provide organisations and members of the public wishing to volunteer with practical advice and guidance, bearing in mind that as a community and as individuals our main task is to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

We are working to make sure the most vulnerble members of our communities are looked after during this time. We are doing this in the following ways:

Prioritising recruitment, support and promotion off volunteer roles related to the COVID-19 response

Communicating with local volunteers and organisations to let them know what is happening and connect them where relevant

Providing advice and guidance on volunteering safely when dealing with vulnerable members of the public

Sharing stories of those volunteering and raising awareness of the positive impact of volunteers


Before considering volunteering ask yourself - Am I well enough to volunteer?

Remember your satfey and limiting the spread of COVID-19 is the main priority.

County Wicklow Volunteer Centre along with the network of volunteer centres and Volunteer Ireland ask that you adhere to te HSE Instructions on how to avoid COVID-19, in work, in the community and at home.

If you are well enough and wish to volunteer, there are two main ways you may be able to help

The first is by registering with us on www.volunteerwicklow.ie, alternatively you can contact us directly on either 085 862 2152 or 086 325 8803. If you are living in another county you can register with your local volunteer centre here http://www.volunteer.ie. We will try to match you to the most suitable opportunity for you. Please be aware that many organisations are currently in the process of closing or curtailing their services and many others are only beginning to decide their response to COVID-19, so volunteering opportunities may be limited. Once you register we will keep in touch and let you know what is happening locally.

The second way to help is informally in your own community. If you know people in your community who may be vulnerable and you can contact them safely (phone, text, a note through the door) just let them know that you are available and can assist with shopping etc.

DO NOT ASSUME THAT SOMEONE NEEDS HELP OR CALL DIRECTLY TO SOMEONE'S HOUSE UNANNOUNCED,  as some people may be very anxious making face to face contact, particularly if they have a medical condition or are living alone.

Is someone asks you to do something that you can't do, please let them know and recommend that they contact us (085 862 2152 0r 086 325 8803)  and we will try to find a solutuon to their problem

It is really important to realise  that not all volunteers who contact us will be assigned to a role and there will be delays. We are getting a huge number of new registrations from people who are interested in helping, but at the moment the suppy is greater than the demand.  

Thanks to you all - it is great to see such a positive community response.


A Volunteers Story

A Volunteers Story

Type of Volunteering: Working with Cancer Support driving patients for treatment to/from hospital. 
Why did you start volunteering?
Over the course of my working life I did not have/take the time for any significant community or volunteer work. Now retired I have the time and thankfully the energy to do something that hopefully will benefit others. Some recent personal experiences caused me to reflect on how fortunate I have been over time and giving a little back to individuals less fortunate was the right and a good thing to do.

How does volunteering make you feel?
As a volunteer with the Cancer Support service I drive cancer patients to and from hospital for treatment. I have being volunteering for only a short time and have limited experience in dealing with individuals in these circumstances. I am been enormously impressed by the positive outlook of these patients. Their concern for others while facing significant adversity and receiving very severe medical treatments has been humbling. 

Ever thought about Volunteering?

Ever thought about volunteering? - Here is some of the wonderful volunteering you can do in Wicklow.

Do you own a good natured dog? Then why not become Therapy Dog Visitor in Wicklow Day Care Centre?

Like horses? - Become a horse support person with the Equine Assisted Learning Progamme in Festina Lente, Bray

Are you living in the Dunlavin area and good at crafts? - Then the Friendship Club would love to hear from you. For these and lots more opportunities, call us on 01 2022244 or 086325 8803.

Some of our great Volunteers

tidy towns               youth volunteer               Hendy

older man        5 people

Warmer Homes

Although the weather is warm at the moment , the cooler weather will return all to soon and many of us will again find our homes are draughty and hard to heat. However, the cost of getting insulation work done can be daunting.

That's where community services like Bray Area Partnership's Warmer Homes scheme can help.If you are a homeowner on a low income living in Co. Wicklow, Bray or surrounding South Dublin areas, you could qualify to get your home insulated completely free of charge.

Warmer Homes is currently seeking applications- to qualify you must be an owner occupier and in receipt of either Fuel Allowance, Family Income Supplement or Job Seekers Allowance for more than six months with a child aged under seven. It's easy to apply and services available include attic and cavity wall insulation, draught-proofing, lagging jackets, low energy light and energy advice.

The Bray Area Partnership Warmer Homes scheme is supported by the Department of Social Protection and The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. Since its set-up in 2012 the scheme has insulated more than 500 homes in Co. Wicklow and has also created employment in the local area through a Community Employment Scheme. To find out more call the Warmer Homes team on  01 286 6080 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.