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Your Rights and Responsibilities as an organisation

Organisations rights

  • To look for certain qualities and skills in volunteers
  • To select only volunteers who are suitable for theposition
  • To draw up a volunteer agreement
  • To ask for tasks to be done in a particular way
  • To ask for commitment
  • To ask for reliability
  • To ask for punctuality
  • To deal with disciplinary and grievance matters
  • To ask volunteers to leave if their involvement hinders the organisation achieving its goals

Organisations responsibilities

  • To ensure the volunteering experience is a rewarding one
  • To ensure equal access and not to discriminate
  • To define clear, meaningful roles for volunteers
  • To have policies and procedures for volunteers
  • To provide all necessary information to volunteers
  • To be available for volunteers
  • To provide training where necessary
  • To thank and value volunteers
  • To provide insurance cover
  • To inform volunteers of any legal liabilities
  • To supervise and to provide support
  • Not to ask volunteers to do the work of paid staff
  • To reimburse out-of-pocket expenses
  • To provide a safe working environment