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Downloads & Resources

Click on the links below to download our resources We also have a number of resources available in hard copy format in our library. Please call us on 01 2040885 about these resources.Downloads and Resources

County Wicklow Volunteer Centre Annual Reports

Annual Review 2010.
Annual Review 2009.
Annual Review 2008.

County Wicklow Volunteer Centre Policy Documents
Definition and principles of Volunteering
County Wicklow 
Volunteer Centre Equal Opportunities Policy.

Volunteer Centre Documents
How we work with Volunteers.
How we work with Volunteer Organisations.

Resources for Volunteers
Thinking of volunteering - a step by step guide.

Volunteer Involving Organisations
Managing Volunteers - a step-by-step guide (Adobe pdf)

Step by Step Guide to employer supported volunteering
Step by Step Guide to supported volunteering for refugees and Asylum Seekers
Step by Step Guide to involving people with disabilities and special support needs
Step by Step Guide to Volunteer Policy Development

Designing Volunteer Roles and position descriptions (Volunteering Australia)
Turn your organisation into a volunteer magnet (A. Fryar, R.Jackson, F Dyer)
Risk Toolkit - How to take care of risk in Volunteering (Volunteering England / IVR) 
On the Safe Side - Risk, Risk Management and Volunteering (Volunteering England)

Equality in Volunteering
Promoting Equality and Diversity - A guide for Volunteer Involving organisations (Volunteer Now / Equality Commission NI)
Monitoring Diversity and Equality of Opportunity in Volunteering - A short guide for Volunteer Involving organisations (Volunteer Now / Equality Commission NI)
Opportunity Knocks (Volunteer Ireland)
Diversify - Encouraging Cultural Diversity in Volunteering in Ireland (Volunteer Ireland)

European Voluntary Service (EVS)
Hands on Guide to European Voluntary Service (Léargas)
Hands on Guide to Youthpass (Léargas)
European Voluntary Service Management Guide (Léargas)
Youthpass User Guide (EU Commission)
European Voluntary Service guide for volunteers (E-Book)

European Volunteering policy
CEV Manisfesto

Volunteering in Europe
Study on Volunteering in Europe
Ireland report
(as part of the above report)

Youth Volunteering
Volunteering and Volunteer Supports in the Youth Sector (NYCI)
Starting Out - a resource for volunteers in Youth Work settings (NYCI)

Government Reports
Report of the Task Force on Active Citizenship
Tipping the Balance - Report on Volunteering in Ireland
Volunteers and Volunteering - Oireachtas Report