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Volunteering covers many varied and different activities, from visiting an elderly or sick neighbour; getting involved in a youth club, scouting or guiding club; assisting a charity with its finances or administration; helping someone to read and write; the list is endless!

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Inviting volunteers to be part of your organisation extends your area of influence and contact with the wider community. Your volunteers may well be only too delighted to speak about your organisation’s work or establish contacts that you can use.

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If you would like to hear about some specific volunteering opportunities or if you would just like to hear more about the work of the Centres, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Time… the best donation you can make

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Deirdre volunteers with Fighting Words as a Creative Writing Mentor

Before Covid, workshops were held on-site in locations with tutors. Mornings were spent with Primary school classes and afternoons with Secondary school classes. The session was divided into group time and individual writing time. I would assist in putting out chairs, name badges, counting votes, and handing out writing paper/pencils for example. Tutors took turns […]

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