Reasons why volunteers leave unexpectedly

These are the Top Ten reasons why volunteers leave, make sure you do all you can to avoid these traps:

  1. The reality of their experience was not what they expected when they signed on.
  2. Employees treated them as an interruption, not as welcome (and anticipated) help.
  3. Long-term volunteers wouldn’t let them into their “insider” group.
  4. They did not see the connection between one day’s volunteering and another.
  5. They did not know how to tell you they wanted to leave.
  6. They made a suggestion that was not acted on or responded to.
  7. The atmosphere was impersonal, tense, or cold.
  8. The physical environment did not support their efforts.
  9. No one smiled at them.
  10. They were underutilised.

By addressing these issues in advance, you are more likely to see 3 things take place within your organisation:

Increased participation of volunteers
Increased productivity of your volunteers
Increased number of volunteers

Remember, happy volunteers are helpful volunteers!